Mating of fieldtrial merited winner class qualified Weimaraners

DKCH FT CPHW19 Mimmtrix Märta af Stig (DK12264/2016) and FT Falco (DKK 13199/2012) 29.01.2021.

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DKCH FT CPHW19 Märta shows great hunting desire and is fast moving, keen on working, persevering and is very attentive to her handler. Märta has an excellent nose and a staunch point.

FT Falco has an outstanding and systematic search. He is fast moving, agile and works in good contact with his handler. Falco has a staunch point, he collaborates very well and shows great hunting desire before as well as after the shot. Falco is a persevering, strong and loving dog.


At mating time Märta was 5 years old. Falco was 8 years old.

They mated naturally once a day repeatedly over a few days.

The inbreeding percentage is 0%.


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Fictional Pedigree.

FT Falco og DKCH FT CPHW19 Mimmtrix Märta af Stig 'Tæveliste"