Physical Construction

The Weimaraner is a Medium Large to Large Gundog

Hight at the withers and weight is in dogs 59-70 cm (23,5-27,5 inches) and 30-40 kg (66-68 lbs.), bitches 57-65 cm (2,5-25,5 inches) and 25-35 kg (55-77 lbs.). The male and female sex must be clearly defined.

Eyes: Intelligent expression, colour dark to light amber, round, hardly slanted, eyelids flat. In puppy stage sky blue.

Nose: Long and strong (especially the dog), straight or lightly curved, pointing over the lower jaw. Powerful jaw with a perfect regular and complete scissors bite. Flews moderately deep. Cheeks pronounced and muscular.

Neck: Muscular, almost round, not too short, stronger towards withers, harmoniously merging into withers and chest.

Chest: Well developed, with enough depth, almost reaching the elbows and with a good curve.

Forequarters: Forelegs sinewy, straight and parallel. Shoulders long and sloping, strongly muscular. Good angulation of the shoulder blade over arm ‘hinge’ (where shoulder joins to the withers). Underarm long, strong, positioned straight with a powerful and sinewy pastern.

Colour: Silver, roe or mouse grey. Head and ears usually lighter. White markings are only permissible to a small extent on the chest and on the toes.

Head and skull: Skull in male wider, while length and width of skull is equal in both sexes. Moderate stop, on the centre of the forehead a slight groove, occipital prominence moderate protruding. Behind the eyes clearly visible cheekbone.

Ears: Set high, broad and fairly long, reaching to about the corner of the mouth, rounded off into a point at the bottom.

Body: Toplined from the curved neck line over the well-formed wither harmoniously merging into the relatively long, strong back, muscular and slightly sloping croup.  Pelvis long with a moderately slope. Belly-line slightly increasing, not too tucked-up.

Hindquarters: Hindlegs long, sinewy, muscular, parallel in placing. Joints powerful and tight. Hind middle foot sinewy, nearly vertically placed.

30 days

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Tale: Set slightly deeper under the back line than with other comparable breeds. Strong and well covered with hair.

Feet: Closed and powerful, standing straight to the body centre. Toes arched, longer middle toes. Pads close and well pigmentated.

Skin and coat: Skin is strong but not too tightly fitting. Strong, very thick smooth flat topcoat, with or without a small amount of undercoat.