The Weim of Today

The Weimaraner of today is used on small furred and feathered game, but it has retained its versatile hunting skills and the need for human companionship.


The Weimaraner is known as the aristocrat amongst gun dogs who brilliantly manages the work before and after the shot, on the field, in the forest and in the water. The well trained Weimaraner a is versatile, easy-going pointing dog with a good and systematic search. The Weimaraner is persevering, persistent and enthusiastic, yet not excessively fast. The Weimaraner is sharp on prey and game and is also man-sharp, yet not aggressive. Indeed the Weimaraner has an eminent nose and therefore a remarkable inclination to the work after the shot such as tracking, searching and retrieving. A staunch point is deeply rooted in the Weimaraner, but it matures slowly, and the staunch point can take some time to become fully developed.