Food, security, co-operation and leadership from you


Though the Weimaraner may never have lived in the wild, it is born with the survival skills and the mentality of a meat-eating predator that hunts in a pack.

Survival depends on food and protection, and that again requires mutual co-operation and acceptance of a hierarchy.

A happy Weimaraner is a Weimaraner that has learned what is acceptable behaviour and knows its place in the family, is capable of a certain amount of self-restraint – and yet has kept its desire for hunting.


A lot of books, films and homepages exist and especially skilled dog trainers, who can support and help you and your dog with socialization and training.

I enjoyed very much reading ’Weimaraner’ (2009) by Patsy Hollings, ‘Weimaraner’ (2000) by Lavonia Harper and ’Fra hvalp til jagthund’ (2016) by Irene Jarnved (Danish), a couple of books by Anders Hallgren (Danish/Swedish) about co-operation with the dog, and 'Solskin på sporet’ (2013) by Anne Egede (Danish) about track training, and I highly recommend these.