Weimaraners in Denmark

In the early sixties a group of pioneers in Denmark organized the import and breeding of the Weimaraner. The interest for the Weimaraner was due to its devotion to its handler and its tracking skills.


In 1961 The Danish Weimaraner Club was founded (DWK) and in 1965 DWK became a member of

The Joint Representation for Special Clubs for Pointing Dogs in Denmark (FJD). The membership implied the recognition of DWK as a Special Dog Club under The Danish Kennel Club (DKK). The Danish Breed Standard regarding the Weimaraner was recognized the same year.

Even then it was realized that the Weimaraner differed from the other continental pointing dogs regarding its need for closeness with the family. The Weimaraner would not thrive if it was harshly handled or confined to an outside compound frequently or for longer periods of time. In return you got a devoted, teachable and eager hunting companion, that would work in proximity with you during hunting and training.

This close contact made the Weimaraner suitable for work in thicket and forest, where its tracking and retrieving skills would be done justice. A staunch point characterized the Weimaraner, though it matured slowly and the staunch point and the trainability could keep you waiting – in spite of the young Weimaraners desire for game.

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