Before you Buy a Weim

The combination of intelligence, stubbornness, a great desire for hunting and need for proximity can be a mouthful.


If you want an almost obtrusively loving, stubborn dog, that wants to be part of your life, and has great demands regarding physical and mental stimulation, but on the other hand repays you with unconditional devotion and friendship – you are going love a Weimaraner.


A Weimaraner is an intelligent dog, that needs leadership – not dominance! When you have established clear roles – with you in charge – you will get an extremely affectionate and attentive friend, a life companion and hunting buddy. Weimaraners see themselves as an integral part of the family and that is how they thrive the best. That is why a Weimaraner is not suited for being confined to an outside compound frequently or for longer periods of time.