DKCH FT CPHW19 Mimmtrix Märta af Stig (DK12264/2016)


Märta shows great hunting desire and is fast moving, keen on working, persevering and is very attentive to her handler. Märta has an excellent nose and a staunch point.


Results from acknowledged trials/tests and exhibitions.


Exhibition, Open Class, Exc. 1. Place CQ 1.BTK BOS CACIB, 18-08-2018


Field trial, Open Stake 2 x 1, 2 x 2 and 1 x 3 Placement


Retrieving trial, passed, 29 points, 08-07-2018

                                            30 points, 29-07-2018

Advanced retrieving trial, passed, 200 points, 25-08-2019

Water, tracking and retrieving trial, passed, 29 points, 31-08-2019

Blood tracking trial, 3t/400m, 1 x 1. Place, 14-10-2017                                  

Hunting qualification test (JET-1) passed, 31-08-2018


See: Märtas pedigree at weimaraner pedigree.