FT Fieldghost Aurora

FT Fieldghost Aurora



Aurora is easily led with a great desire to hunt and like her mother Märta she is fastmoving for the breed.

She keeps in touch with her handler, has a staunch point and is extremely enduring. Aurora adapts her search to the conditions whether she is working in the field, forest or bog. She is eager on retrieving and has a great passion for water.

At the Danish Weimaraner Club's 60th anniversary Field Trial in 2021, Aurora became best Open Stake dog, as well as the best dog at the Field Trial and won the Junkerstauette.


Results from acknowledged trials/tests and exhibitions.


Field Trial Open stake 3 x 1. price and 1 x 2. price

Retrieving trial passed 25 point, 22-07-2019

Advanced retrieving trial, passed 203 point, 27-06-2021

Water, tracking and retrieving trial passed 28 point, 26-06-2021

Blood tracking trial  3 hours/400 meters, 1. price, 29-08-2021

Exhibition Vorking Class,  EXC.BK PLAC.1 CK 2.BTK R.CERT, 13-06-2021

Height: 63 cm, weight: 26,5 kg.

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