The Four C's

The four C’s are meant to serve as inspiration considering the comprehensive job you are facing.

It can in no way stand alone and neither does it represent the one and only truth.

Care: A Weimaraner must be treated with kindness and respect


Your Weimaraner must love and prefer your company.

You should always be the most interesting working and playing partner.

Coming when called should ALWAYS be regarded as the best fun. That is why you should never tell your dog off, when its coming to you during recall.

Consistency: Clear boundaries makes a confident Weimaraner


Do you want your Weimaraner in the sofa or in your bed?

Do you want it to beg for food at the table?

Do you want it to jump up on guests?

Do you want a Weimaraner that pulls on the lead?

Decide on the rules regarding which behavior is acceptable - and which is not.

Contact: Every training session starts with contact


Get to know your Weimaraners body language – and become aware of your own.

Read the dogs stress level – it must not be too high, nor too low, when you are training.

Calmness and self-restraint are important skills in a pointing dog – and the best conditions for learning.

Challenges: Your Weimaraner needs to be challenged physically and mentally


Do not expect more than the dog is capable of – but make sure it does not get bored.

Divide exercises into smaller milestones and finally link them up.

Use positive reinforcement!

Keep training sessions short – and stop on a high.

Trust your dog!